Course Duration: 6 weeks, 3 days a week, 2 hours a day. OR 6 weekends (Sat & Sun for 7 hrs each) Total: 70+ hrs of instruction and shooting.

Timings: Early morning 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Shoots: All films are shot on weekends. Attending shoots of all films is mandatory.

Camera used: Panasonic HVX200, 1080p HD on P2 cards.

Editing: On a Mac computer running Final Cut Pro X.

Course Fee: Rs. 50,000/- (includes charges for instruction and use of all equipment. No additional charges.)


Other Academy Courses:


On Graduation: Each student will receive a DVD Demo Reel of all films made during the course. They will be credited appropriately in all crew roles they served in each film. This DVD will serve as a demo reel reflecting their filmmaking abilities. They will also receive an individualized certificate that outlines their individual strengths and areas of potential growth in filmmaking.

Further Prospects: Students trained under this method can assist in any film production as a rookie and contribute meaningfully to it. They will be eligible to apply for admission to The Contender Level 2.

Salient features of the course:

  1. Only 5 students in the class

  2. Each and every student makes a film

  3. Every student writes, shoots and edits their film with instructor assistance.

  4. All theory followed by practicals

  5. 70+ hours of instruction, shooting & editing

  6. Crew roles assigned to students for each film. Roles rotated for every film.

  7. All equipment provided for students to use.

Begins: To be announced

Where: FilmCamp Studio, Whitefield

For Registration And More Info:

96118 12121

Or Email:

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